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Jun 26, 2014

Will this month never end?

Seriously, I'm ready for the July 4th weekend... a 3 day weekend for us

Just wrapping up this month with a couple of items. Found these awesome little salt and pepper shakers at the church bizarre. They are so Floridiana... is that a word? Wait, let me check... yes! It is. 

Jerry has been busy in the garden. He planted this little bed in the front yard to try to cover up the ugly fence our creepy neighbors put up before they moved away. They were also good enough to leave us a mosquito farm in their yard provided by a "pond" that has no working pump. How nice of them... not.

This morning I saw a rustling in the oak tree out back and thought it was my Maine coon, Levon. No, but close. Coon minus the Maine. Can you spot her?

In the studio.... this started out as one of my little paper doll people. I cut him out and put him in my pocket and took him to paint for fun night at Larry Joe Miller Studio. I started the painting at the event and finished him at home. I'm thinking of adding some more to this...hmmmm.....

Yummy avocados!

Apr 8, 2014

April stuff

In the studio...

My manatee pal is getting some lovely water plants added to his new habitat.

And Mr. Gator is "chomping" at the bit to come to life.

The studio rug is coming along slowly, but I do like the way the colors are behaving.

And did you know that Royal Poinciana seed pods make a nifty stamp?

On the bookshelf...
I just started reading The Blazing World. So far I am liking it.

In the garden...

Lovely little tomatoes...

and the loofah plant is taking over the patio railing. This plant is a survivor just like me and Reba!

Mar 12, 2014

Redwork and whatnot

I know... I changed the background again. But I never saw the background with the little birds. I love little birds :-D

In the studio...
My manatee friend and I have already discovered something! He is what is known as redwork, which is simply red embroidery thread on white fabric. However, nothing really being simple, there is more to the story than that. On Sarah's Hand Embroidery blog, she gives a very interesting history of redwork.

In the garden...
Orchids are blooming

Love the abstract pattern in this flower!

My favorite...little wild orchids

Can you see the little bee flying away?

Beach sunflower

Mushrooms... the Grim Reaper of the plant world

On the bookshelf...
I finished listening to Doctor Sleep by Stephen King. Read by Will Patton. Stephen King had me at Salem's Lot. I have been a fan ever since. So I pretty much love everything he's ever written, but can't necessarily read everything he's ever written. Some of his books (i.e. It) I had to quietly close and carefully place on a dark shelf, because they scared the proverbial pants off of me. Doctor Sleep I will be able to finish. It is scary but not heart attack scary. That's never been my favorite thing about King anyway. My favorite thing about him as a writer is that he is a stone cold genius when it comes to character development. His people are so human and therefore so likable. So I definitely enjoyed this book. Doctor Sleep is part 2 of The Shining, so to speak. It's about what happens to Danny Torrance as a grown up. And if you haven't read the Shining but saw the movie... sorry, no comparison.

"A cat is a lion in a jungle of small bushes." --Indian Proverb 

Aug 21, 2013

Painted buntings and art block

I am working on a new project which I cannot talk about as it is a surprise. I'll just say that I am working with textiles and colors I don't usually work with, so I'm stepping outside my comfort zone and boy did I need to do that. I have been in a very bad artistic rut lately. As I mentioned in a previous post, I got really bummed out over not being paid for some of my work and I have been having a real hard time pulling myself out of this anger and self doubt place in which I found myself. Ok, I will stop whining about this now ... really I will. I just get angry because I feel like this has happened to me a few times in my life and it just seems to be the old "you're just a woman, why should you get paid for your time", stuff.

Anyway, I sat down to this new project this morning and the ideas started coming so fast, I had to jot them down and do sketches etc. It felt wonderful!

As part of this double secret probation project, I'm testing some different stamp inks on fabric. This has been done already on the Craft Test Dummies site, which was a pretty comprehensive test. Joann's didn't have VersaCraft so I'm trying VersaMagic, one of their products I'm assuming. Another ink that looks popular is Ranger, which was not in their study. I inked and heat set this morning so will wash and report back.

On the inkle, I have abandoned the dancing warrior. The floats were horrendous long and I was having a hard time translating the Peruvian warp draft to the Bolivian. So I went back to a known Peruvian draft and modified it to the width that I already had on the loom. 

In the garden:
This morning we saw this colorful little fellow
You are probably saying ... uh what am I supposed to be looking at. Well, it's a painted bunting. See his little blue-green head and salmony-orange chest? No? Well, here...
Now do you see him? I have never in my 40+ years in South Florida ever seen a bird like this. But there he was, chowing down on the sorghum seeds out back. Which gave me the idea to maybe plant some wild bird seed out back. 

And speaking of chowing down... here's one of our baby caterpillars eating his little weight in milk weed. I guess the leaf under him is the Caterpillar Rest Room

Here's the results of all that yummy milkweed

Here's the sweet potato I planted just a short week and a half ago. So it's good to clean out the veggie draw in your fridge once in a while. 

Jun 19, 2013

Got to get outside once in a while

We have been doing a bit of gardening lately. Decided to build a combination butterfly/bee and veggie bed next to the back porch.

We'll be adding more pollinator plants, and the back of the bed will be for pole beans and banana peppers.

Looks like someone has already moved in.

Farmer Jerry watering the new bed.

Some random sorghum growing. We had a bird feeder in the back and I have a feeling one of the birds planted this... if you know what I mean.

And lastly, the mint, parsley, etc. is doing well despite the temps in the upper 80's.

Haven't been doing much in the collage realm lately. I've been busy learning a new weaving technique; Andean pebble weave on the inkle loom. And I finally understand it! Woooo hooo!! I've been watching the video, Supplementary Warp Patterning by Jacquetta Nisbet and at first she might as well have been speaking Greek. But it slowly became clear.

This is also a good source for learning this technique:

This past Monday in Messy Art: Friendship bracelets.
Apparently I was the only dinosaur in the room who knew how to do macrame or even knew what macrame even is. The mothers looked at me like I had sprouted another head when I asked them if they had ever made macrame plant hangers. Ok, I'm a relic but the kids loved it once they got the hang of it.

Materials: yarn, bull clips, masking tape and a fun pencil (which the kids got to keep).

You loop the yarn over the pencil like you are casting onto knitting needles like so... two colors:

Then really it's just a series of square knots alternating back and forth. Make a number 4 - over the tail - under the middles - and through the 4. Simple right?
I learned to do this when I was 12 and loved it. The kids of course picked it up quicker than the moms.

Well that's all we have for now, right Levon? ....  Levon? ...