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Mar 12, 2014

Redwork and whatnot

I know... I changed the background again. But I never saw the background with the little birds. I love little birds :-D

In the studio...
My manatee friend and I have already discovered something! He is what is known as redwork, which is simply red embroidery thread on white fabric. However, nothing really being simple, there is more to the story than that. On Sarah's Hand Embroidery blog, she gives a very interesting history of redwork.

In the garden...
Orchids are blooming

Love the abstract pattern in this flower!

My favorite...little wild orchids

Can you see the little bee flying away?

Beach sunflower

Mushrooms... the Grim Reaper of the plant world

On the bookshelf...
I finished listening to Doctor Sleep by Stephen King. Read by Will Patton. Stephen King had me at Salem's Lot. I have been a fan ever since. So I pretty much love everything he's ever written, but can't necessarily read everything he's ever written. Some of his books (i.e. It) I had to quietly close and carefully place on a dark shelf, because they scared the proverbial pants off of me. Doctor Sleep I will be able to finish. It is scary but not heart attack scary. That's never been my favorite thing about King anyway. My favorite thing about him as a writer is that he is a stone cold genius when it comes to character development. His people are so human and therefore so likable. So I definitely enjoyed this book. Doctor Sleep is part 2 of The Shining, so to speak. It's about what happens to Danny Torrance as a grown up. And if you haven't read the Shining but saw the movie... sorry, no comparison.

"A cat is a lion in a jungle of small bushes." --Indian Proverb 

Feb 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's

Messy Art - Well, today being Valentine's Day, we made,... you guessed it, Valentines. This is simple ... I just folded 12x18 construction paper in various pinks and reds into fours. Then you cut along the open side of the folded paper in the shape of a half heart, unfold, and you get two hearts.

We decorated with tissue, sequence, magazine pics, anything you want really.
This is my model for them. Found the old lady in a magazine. I told the kids that was a picture of my grandma. They believed me, ha ha!

Here are some from the kids:

I ordered a shorter temple for the tap on the big loom. I'm probably not going to weave wide pieces anymore so I figured why not. The temple I've got is 24" at it's shortest. I may sell that one, don't know yet.

I had help with the threading which is the part that hurts my back to do. Jerry was very good at threading! I told him he would make a good weaver.

I supervised and passed him warp ends...

And of course the top supervisor was there to make sure we didn't have too much fun.

It was really nice to have help. Threading can be a lonely business. We listened to Bruce Springsteen, Darkness on the Edge of Town while we worked.

Looked out the kitchen window this morning and saw that one of my little tree orchids had bloomed. I love when this happens. It's so spontaneous and unexpected. A treat for sure.

Jun 10, 2012

Sunday stuff

 He's giving you that come hither look. Yeah, not so much. Our young man here is in the goofiest, galumphing kitten phase I've ever seen...and I've had lots of cats. Maybe it's because he is a coonie, but he is a klutz. Got the basket at a yard sale for the loom room. Was going to use it for yarn but as you can see, Sasquatch here has taken over.

 We started orchid walls on the back porch. Orchids do good in trees, but not sure how this will turn out. Just bought 3 of the cheapy $5-7 ones that come in the little net bags. Then wrapped their little root systems in peat moss and tied them on with their net bags and string. Hopefully, they will root onto the trellises.

I'm ready to be done with the sampler and move onto the actual rug. Just a few more experiments here and I'm going to cut 'er off. I've switched greens for yellows. The darker yellow is actually recycled yarn from an old sweater. I'm starting to like the idea of that more and more. Recycle and reuse.

The scarf is coming along. I'm using a very light beat. Want it to be lacey-like

Chocolate covered cherry yarn. Merino superwash