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Jun 26, 2014

Will this month never end?

Seriously, I'm ready for the July 4th weekend... a 3 day weekend for us

Just wrapping up this month with a couple of items. Found these awesome little salt and pepper shakers at the church bizarre. They are so Floridiana... is that a word? Wait, let me check... yes! It is. 

Jerry has been busy in the garden. He planted this little bed in the front yard to try to cover up the ugly fence our creepy neighbors put up before they moved away. They were also good enough to leave us a mosquito farm in their yard provided by a "pond" that has no working pump. How nice of them... not.

This morning I saw a rustling in the oak tree out back and thought it was my Maine coon, Levon. No, but close. Coon minus the Maine. Can you spot her?

In the studio.... this started out as one of my little paper doll people. I cut him out and put him in my pocket and took him to paint for fun night at Larry Joe Miller Studio. I started the painting at the event and finished him at home. I'm thinking of adding some more to this...hmmmm.....

Yummy avocados!

May 29, 2014

Headed towards June

May has been a very hectic month and I'm glad it's almost over. Lots of good stuff, but still stressful.

I have arrived at my new work home at the Main library, downtown Ft. Lauderdale. There are supposed to be some interesting things coming in the future... a move to a bigger space, butterfly gardens, partnerships with MOA, Ft. Laud.  Should prove to be interesting. Here's a picture of my little space

Upon reading an article about how urban area beach lighting affects sea turtles, I was inspired to do this new piece. I'm using a 2x4 that I found in the garage. I like the idea and the feel of painting on wood. I don't like frames... I really don't. For some reason frames feel like a barrier, and I feel like there are enough of those in my life.

Ascending sea turtles...

...bringing a message

Mr. Gator is coming along too. I will be adding more to the quilt top and have added some lights and "little pink houses for you and me". This one will be called Zero Lot-Line Bayou

Miss Puddy is giving me the eye. She is reminding me that I have not done any work on the big loom. Yes, the rug has been neglected during this hectic month of May but now since things seem to be slowing down, I will work on it a bit every day.