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Apr 8, 2014

April stuff

In the studio...

My manatee pal is getting some lovely water plants added to his new habitat.

And Mr. Gator is "chomping" at the bit to come to life.

The studio rug is coming along slowly, but I do like the way the colors are behaving.

And did you know that Royal Poinciana seed pods make a nifty stamp?

On the bookshelf...
I just started reading The Blazing World. So far I am liking it.

In the garden...

Lovely little tomatoes...

and the loofah plant is taking over the patio railing. This plant is a survivor just like me and Reba!

Feb 18, 2014

Aran washcloths

I thought a good way to learn Aran knitting would be to knit swatches... right all you knitting mavens out there? Swatches. Swatch is the word, is the word that you heard, it's got groove, it's got meaning! Anyway, I"m making a cable washcloth. Learning and getting something useful out of it. I am using the Vogue book of cable stitches. This one is called Zig Zag. I chose this one because it reminded me of  a bag pattern I saw on Interweave that I'd like to buy, but I'm sort of waiting for it go on sale
<"  cheap, cheap! I copied the pattern on an index card, because I hate trying to balance a big book while knitting.

This pattern is originally worked in multiples of 14. After studying the chart I realized that I didn't want all those purl stitches to the left, so I re-wrote it starting with 2 purl stitches, pattern stitches, 4 purl stitches, pattern stitches, and 2 purl stitches. Cast on 28 stitches. So it should look like the photo sample in the book, minus the four purl stitches on the left. Using Lily Sugar n Cream.

Now moving onto the extremely ambitious project. I want to make this for my DH. I found the pattern in Alice Starmore's book and thought it would be one of the easier sweaters to knit. I already know how to knit the middle cables and the smaller ones on either side. I'll have to learn the honeycomb and whatever else. I let him pick his own pattern, like in other words, I held up the book turned to this page and said, "you like this one, right?" I'm going to knit this with my friend Kathleen, who is a very good knitter, so I will have guidance. She is knitting a cable vest.

Things are moving slowly on the weaving front. The rug I'm working on is pretty wide and I found I was not happy with the tension, even after using the click trick. So I decided to untie each bundle and tie them on with house hold twine. I don't know what I'd do with out house hold twine... that and roach clips have gotten me through in life. Ok, I haven't gotten very far in life, but whatever. Then of course I hurt my shoulder somehow or my spine has just deteriorated some more, who knows. So I'm having to wait till it feels a bit better. I did get the heading started at least.

This Christmas cactus was almost dead, and I mean shriveled and gross looking. I found this big new pot at Home Goods. Made in Mexico and just gorgeous. I put the shriveled up little thing in the new pot with some lovely dark soil and here she is, happy and growing! She even has one flower and one little bud.

In the garden, our bromeliads are putting out these weird yet beautiful flowers.


Feb 6, 2014

Aran knitting and dino spines

I got the gist of the Baltic weave so now am going to put the inkle away until the rug is finished. I've decided that trying to run more than one loom at a time is too much for me now-a-days.

And as for rug status... I am almost done with the threading. Just a couple more bundles to thread and I'll be ready to wind the warp on. I can usually go faster with the warping process but I've been figuring stuff out on the Harrisville model that I didn't have on the Kessy. Like the nifty little heddles and bars that are pretty easy to change and other little things. I'll have to get some paper for the wind on as I'm used to a sectional beam. I'm guessing brown wrapping paper will do fine.

And looky who I found! It's Miss Ivy. Her baby girl has gone off to the Twitter Art Exhibit in Orlando. I thought I'd lost Miss Ivy but found her while rearranging the studio. I'll start to paint her tomorrow.

The continuing saga of the chunky teal yarn... I've decided to do a small lap blanket. I cast on 120 and will do a combination of Trinity stitch and chunky double cable. I know you're supposed to put the cable in a field of purl stitches, but I want to try to put it in a field of the Trinity, think maybe it might look cooler somehow. I tried to draw what it might look like but I think my drawing looks like a dinosaur's spinal column. Oh well, you get the idea.

I have been checking out the YouTube for Aran knitting and sweaters. I came across this video and was really intrigued. I'd like to make a sweater for my husband since he doesn't have one, but will start with the small blanket first.

Aug 14, 2013

Good weave reads

In the Loom Room:
Finally got the Kessenich threaded and now the tensioning begins. No matter how many times I do this, it's always a little stressful. Maybe that's not really the word... more like very focused. There, that sounds better.

Jerry helped me thread the heddles... him at the back of the loom. I'm one of those people that warp from front to back. You know, what's the diff? Whatever way you feel comfortable, I always say. If there are any new weavers out there, I'd like to recommend this book for warping:
It is marvelous and very easy to understand and follow. The title made me laugh though, the first time I read it. I immediately thought of the old Eric Carmen song, ... All Byyy Youuurself.... don't wanna warp.... Aaaalll By Youuurself, anymore

And speaking of good books, I just got this one through interlibrary loan. I have just started reading it and it's very interesting. Let you know how it turns out.

Check out these neat-o charts in the back of the book. 

Bought this glass frame at a yard sale for $ .50. It's a 12x12 and I'm going to clean it up and paint it and all that good stuff. I go to yard sales almost every Sat. and see so many unwanted little frames. Sad really. This little frame is calling for a mixed media piece. Something unfortunate happened to me a couple of months ago in the painting realm of my life and I sort of lost heart in it for a while. All I'll say is, always get your money up front when you sell a painting. Anyway, I'm feeling better and have an idea of what I want to do. Collage mixed media, I'm thinking.

Oh yeah... sing it Eric 

Aug 7, 2013

With the rain comes...

GREEN. Lots and lots of green. The ferns have pretty much taken over the back part of the lot.

The new butterfly and veggie bed is looking more full. Beans in the back

And new sweet potatoes 

This is some random sorghum. I think the birds planted it... if you know what I mean. 

And the older butterfly bed 

In the Studio:

I was feeling a bit under the weather last week so I haven't gotten much done in the studio. I am however, ready to tackle block weaves again on the Kessenich. I'd like to work with a back ground of black and try to make the blocks colorful in descending size. I saw how I wanted this in my head when I was just about to fall asleep the other night, so I'll see if I can make it come out like my dreamy vision. I mapped it out on graph paper to see if everything would fall into place. I don't always trust my math.

Working at 6 epi, single, with floating warp.

These will be the colors... not a great picture.

On the inkle ... working on a pebble weave band. I have warped using the European method, according to Ms. Atwater. It's the way I learned and feel most comfortable with. This pattern is called the Dancing Warrior

 And you can see his little warrior feet starting to dance!

And last... I decided to dress up this block weave sampler with an inkle that I did not too long ago in the checker pattern.

Jul 12, 2012

Baby steps

I am taking the advice of my fellow bloggers and resting as much as possible. I think my neck is improving. Saw the doc and this morning went for massage theapy. Oh yeah... that felt good. And with nightly hot showers and neck massage provided by DH, I think I am slowly on the mend.  

Meanwhile, I am looking forlornly at my loom and the threaded and sleyed warp that is just hanging there all dejected. But it's ok because this covalescence is forcing me to sit still and think more about color.

I've decided to do a rug/tapestry series inspired by MiMo colors and shapes. I'm also trying to stick with four basic colors; using various mixes of the four, periwinkle, salmon, turquoise and golden ochre... all Jacquard acid dye colors. Above is Crayola experiments. Will mix up the dyes and try out different mixes soon.

This is the basic design for the first piece, Stiltsville. Not technically Miami modern as the houses started to go up in the 30's, but I've always been fascinated by the place. I'll be using shaft switching to get the design. So I'm working out the colors (mainly salmon and perwinkle) and gradations.

Here's a little inspiration for this series a la Mr. Donald Fagan:

Jun 10, 2012

Sunday stuff

 He's giving you that come hither look. Yeah, not so much. Our young man here is in the goofiest, galumphing kitten phase I've ever seen...and I've had lots of cats. Maybe it's because he is a coonie, but he is a klutz. Got the basket at a yard sale for the loom room. Was going to use it for yarn but as you can see, Sasquatch here has taken over.

 We started orchid walls on the back porch. Orchids do good in trees, but not sure how this will turn out. Just bought 3 of the cheapy $5-7 ones that come in the little net bags. Then wrapped their little root systems in peat moss and tied them on with their net bags and string. Hopefully, they will root onto the trellises.

I'm ready to be done with the sampler and move onto the actual rug. Just a few more experiments here and I'm going to cut 'er off. I've switched greens for yellows. The darker yellow is actually recycled yarn from an old sweater. I'm starting to like the idea of that more and more. Recycle and reuse.

The scarf is coming along. I'm using a very light beat. Want it to be lacey-like

Chocolate covered cherry yarn. Merino superwash

Feb 1, 2012

The rug for my mom is done. Finished at 22" x 35 ". I tried to puff up the yarn a little with some hot water finishing, and it worked a bit. But as I was washing it, I noticed a pretty strong smell. I looked at the dog thinking, maybe he got into last nights chili... but it turned out to be the yarn. Very sheepy smell. More like very sheepy pen smell. Weird. Baaaa!

So I decided to play with color. Using what's left of the warp that's still on the loom, I decided to do a wall hanging. Using a different yarn this time. I got it from the Mannings a while back and haven't used it yet. It's a 3 ply wool and sort of coarse. I think it's called Milltop or something like that. I'll have to call them and ask.

I measured out 120 yds. per color so I'll see how far I get with that. Originally this was going to be black, grey and white. Then I thought grey, brown and white (to sort of play with some neutral colors and give my retinas a break). Then I accidentally layed some blue/green yarn next to some brown and grey I'd layed out and loved the combination. So into the dye pot it all went. (And yes, I did wonder if the grey would dull the other colors but I'm going for it anyway.)

This yarn dyed up really nicely and very easy. Came out very even.

And this is how the colors are working together so far. Another krokbragd design. I kind of like it.

Uh oh...looks like someone went to the groomer's. Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!!

Nov 3, 2011

Sampler rug

Strange but I totally forgot to post this picture. This is a rug done in weft faced, balanced weave patterns. The selvedge got a little jacked-up in that one spot but hey, only God is perfect, right? This rug has gone to live with someone else. I've had a request for another, which I will do, honest! But I have to finish my mom's rug first. She's 86 years old, and as she has reminded me, "I'm not gonna live forever! Where's my rug?!"

Dec 1, 2010

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone had a wonderful gobble gobble. I sure gobbled...up everything in sight! My little stomach organ itself felt like it was going to burst. It was pretty disgusting, really.

This is that little rug I was working on at the rigid heddle. It came out pretty good. I used a bulky wool that I dyed this yummy red and threw some little color stripes in here and there. The color stripes are left over Lion Brand Landscapes. Then I tried to felt it a bit and puff the wool up to make it thicker and that was it.

I was thinking about putting it in front of the bathroom sink but I liked the way it looked on this stool better.

Check this out....this is so cool! I tried the whole tying the warp to a belt around your waist, etc. and my back just wanted none of it. So I started looking at websites looking for a card weaving loom and found this really helpful video about using your rigid heddle loom. I set mine up like this,... not exactly like the video but I have a different loom. It works great! No more back aches.

As the belt weaves, I wrap it over the breast beam and clamp it with these little clamps that I got from Home Depot. You just keep advancing as you go along. It's the bomb!
The rug on the 8 shaft is going very slow, but going. I screwed up on the sleying. Don't ask. However, it just means that the rug will take a while to finish and eat up a huge amount of costly 3 ply wool ... no big deal. No, not at all.