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Apr 15, 2014

New developments

Things are moving along here in Lala Land. I have been very busy with life stuff though and this morning woke up with an unhappy neck, so here we go in reverse again. But I did manage to make this little cloth. This is a nice way to stamp fabric. I used a bit of Fabulous Foam Sheet and drew a pattern into it with a pencil, pressing down hard.

One of the two big life things taking up my mental and physical time is the acoustic neuroma. It has grown slightly again so my days of watch and wait are over, I'm afraid. I am going to the Univ. of Miami to discuss radiosurgery options with Dr. Eshragi. Their radiosurgery team is one of the best in the country, so I am very grateful for that.

Remember this?

This is the other big life thing. And for a change, it is something fun and I'm so excited! We made an offer on this house in Crescent City, Florida and we are now waiting for the closing date. It is our retirement home and, though that is in the future still a bit, this house just couldn't be passed up.

This will be our future view from the front porch

We should be able to make it up there at least once a month and holidays / vacations. North FL is home for me. So I am really happy about this. The house was the Methodist minister's parsonage, so that's what I call it.

Can we say "studio"?

Apr 8, 2014

April stuff

In the studio...

My manatee pal is getting some lovely water plants added to his new habitat.

And Mr. Gator is "chomping" at the bit to come to life.

The studio rug is coming along slowly, but I do like the way the colors are behaving.

And did you know that Royal Poinciana seed pods make a nifty stamp?

On the bookshelf...
I just started reading The Blazing World. So far I am liking it.

In the garden...

Lovely little tomatoes...

and the loofah plant is taking over the patio railing. This plant is a survivor just like me and Reba!

Aug 21, 2013

Painted buntings and art block

I am working on a new project which I cannot talk about as it is a surprise. I'll just say that I am working with textiles and colors I don't usually work with, so I'm stepping outside my comfort zone and boy did I need to do that. I have been in a very bad artistic rut lately. As I mentioned in a previous post, I got really bummed out over not being paid for some of my work and I have been having a real hard time pulling myself out of this anger and self doubt place in which I found myself. Ok, I will stop whining about this now ... really I will. I just get angry because I feel like this has happened to me a few times in my life and it just seems to be the old "you're just a woman, why should you get paid for your time", stuff.

Anyway, I sat down to this new project this morning and the ideas started coming so fast, I had to jot them down and do sketches etc. It felt wonderful!

As part of this double secret probation project, I'm testing some different stamp inks on fabric. This has been done already on the Craft Test Dummies site, which was a pretty comprehensive test. Joann's didn't have VersaCraft so I'm trying VersaMagic, one of their products I'm assuming. Another ink that looks popular is Ranger, which was not in their study. I inked and heat set this morning so will wash and report back.

On the inkle, I have abandoned the dancing warrior. The floats were horrendous long and I was having a hard time translating the Peruvian warp draft to the Bolivian. So I went back to a known Peruvian draft and modified it to the width that I already had on the loom. 

In the garden:
This morning we saw this colorful little fellow
You are probably saying ... uh what am I supposed to be looking at. Well, it's a painted bunting. See his little blue-green head and salmony-orange chest? No? Well, here...
Now do you see him? I have never in my 40+ years in South Florida ever seen a bird like this. But there he was, chowing down on the sorghum seeds out back. Which gave me the idea to maybe plant some wild bird seed out back. 

And speaking of chowing down... here's one of our baby caterpillars eating his little weight in milk weed. I guess the leaf under him is the Caterpillar Rest Room

Here's the results of all that yummy milkweed

Here's the sweet potato I planted just a short week and a half ago. So it's good to clean out the veggie draw in your fridge once in a while. 

Mar 20, 2012

St. Paddy's Day weekend fun

No good St. Pat's day should be without a ride on the bar bicycle. This was in St. Petersburg, FL. I have never in my life seen one of these things. You ride on it while sitting at the bar and you peddle...thus powering your own bar experience. Or some such thing. At least you're working off all the calories from the booze.

Here the city of Tampa is dyeing the river green during the Irish festival. I really hope that the dye is non-toxic to sea life :\ That's the University of Tampa in the background.

Irish dancers at the Tampa festival. Took me back to the days when my daughter used to be in step dancing competitions. And what a nerve wrecking hot mess that was.

Here we are with our BFF's in Ybor City (that's pronounced Ebor). It is the very place where the famous Cuban - Tampa cigars were manufactured by hand back in the day. And maybe still today. I don't know. The males in the group didn't want to watch the little history movie at the welcome center. And I'm supposed to be the one with ADHD.

While in Ybor City, we came across a vintage clothing store, La France, that was just off the chain. I took a picture of this old coat. Not the most spectacular thing in the store, but I did love the weave. It reminded me of my mother's spring coats when I was a kid.

Now, this was the most spectacular thing in the store. The most beautiful dress I have ever seen...ever.

And speaking of textiles....we took a trip to the Ringling museum in Sarasota. The Ringling museum is a collection of museums and Mr. Ringling's magnificent house. I must say, Ringling was one wealthy son-of-a-gun. Or as my husband said, "...a lot of midgets built this house". Here is a shot of the dinning room table cloth; incredibly beautiful lace!

Ringling collected quite a few tapestries from the 16th century. This one is just some little piece they threw up in the foyer.

This tapestry was in the art museum. It has deteriorated to some degree and you can see the warp showing. 20 epi ... I counted.

This is the wall paper in the art museum. Only it's not paper. All of the walls were covered in this incredible Damask fabric.

We also went to the Dali museum, but you weren't allowed to take pictures there. It was pretty incredible. I really like the Tampa area. Hope we can go back again soon. And now back to weaving. I'm working on a bird's eye pattern for a pillow at present. Pics to follow.