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Mar 11, 2016

Many Moons fini

Grand baby quilt #2 is finished.

Why moons? Well, when Clara's mommy was a very little girl, I would take her to daycare on my way to work very early in the morning,... so early that the moon was often times still out. My daughter would sit in her car seat in the back and look out the window at the moon. I would sit in the front seat and make the moon talk to her. "Good morning bumblebee". And she would have whole conversations with the moon. So when it came time for a quilt for my little girl's, baby girl, I thought

Found an article in a recent Quilter's Art Magazine by Jude Hill. I usually just skim over magazine articles, so I was skimming this one and saw the word "weaving" which stoked my old weaver's fire (I have been thinking recently of pulling my Mirrix down from the closet and doing a little weaving). Unfortunately, the magazine disappeared before I had a chance to read the article, so the only words I remember are "weaving" and "backing cloth". I decided to just go with those two words and had a lot of fun with it! Jude Hill hand sews her quilts, which I can't do anymore because of arthritis in my hands. So I took my little woven strips to the sewing machine and played around with the free motion quilting foot. Making really cool, random sort of blocks? No measuring and rotary cutters? Yes please! This may be my new regular Saturday night thang.

Apr 22, 2014

April endings

Some hand quilting on an abstract piece. Sitting and stitching is very relaxing. Very meditative. And I need that right now.

Big life stuff happening and I am feeling a bit nervous about it. I have a job interview tomorrow for my old job in the library I used to work in. No new learning curve or anything, but I have grown to hate interviews. The house was appraised for more than our offer, so for all intents and purposes, it is ours. Just waiting for a closing date. And all this with wonky head. My balance has gotten worse in the past 6 months. I am nervous about our trip to Miami to see the doctors. But I am trying very hard. Jerry and I started doing Tai Chi and I think that it is helping already. We have a weeks vacation coming up, so hopefully we can go up to Crescent City and close on the house that week. I will try to relax and not worry. Then after vacation, we'll go to Miami.

I made a sort of lame yet functional design wall in the loom room. It really helps to be able to see what I'm working on. If you look at a piece for a while, you can get new ideas and what not.

Went to get in my car this morning and was greeted by these two. They are just growing out of the lawn. Just the two of them. Little reminders of hope.