Jan 3, 2016

Well who knew

Howdy! Yes, I'm back. I came into the old Warped and Woaded blogspot to look for a picture and realized, hey... people are still visiting this site! What the heck?! Why not just come back here...I can change my mind right? I'm a woman.

Since it's been well over a year, let's play a little catch up shall we?
Biggest event... remember how I was saying there are no grandchildren on the horizon as of yet? Well, that's changed. We're now expecting not one but two grandchildren. One daughter is having a boy and the other a girl. Couldn't ask for any better than that!

I haven't been weaving. It's just too physically taxing. I have however been quilting. As a weaver, I was really missing that connection with fiber. Quilting gives me that.

Not much else is new. This feels pretty right coming back to the old blog. I think I just needed a break. So happy new year to all...may 2016 find you up and dancing!