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Jan 3, 2016

Well who knew

Howdy! Yes, I'm back. I came into the old Warped and Woaded blogspot to look for a picture and realized, hey... people are still visiting this site! What the heck?! Why not just come back here...I can change my mind right? I'm a woman.

Since it's been well over a year, let's play a little catch up shall we?
Biggest event... remember how I was saying there are no grandchildren on the horizon as of yet? Well, that's changed. We're now expecting not one but two grandchildren. One daughter is having a boy and the other a girl. Couldn't ask for any better than that!

I haven't been weaving. It's just too physically taxing. I have however been quilting. As a weaver, I was really missing that connection with fiber. Quilting gives me that.

Not much else is new. This feels pretty right coming back to the old blog. I think I just needed a break. So happy new year to all...may 2016 find you up and dancing!

Feb 25, 2014

Spare Change

Changes for the blog... nothing big. Just a little different in hopes of making it more reader friendly, and to include the things that feed my soul, so to speak.

For one thing, I changed the background to the simple template which is cleaner and has less going on so may be easier to read. Also made the text larger for easier reading.

I also realize that sometimes my blog can get a bit technical and there are some readers who are not fiber folk but may be interested in gardening (especially Florida gardening) or books as I am. So I will in future include more of these subjects.

There now... change is good... sometimes. As that purveyor of over development and urban beach blight Jimmy Buffet says, changes in latitudes ... yeah, you know the rest.