Sep 17, 2014

Inkle done

Fresh off the loom this morning. I like to let my weaving rest for a day before I start finishing. Let me rest too.

Saw my doctor Monday for my 6 week post CK treatment. He said I was doing good and that I will get an MRI at 6 months to see how things are going in the old insane mem"brain". He also told me that he wants me to now put this behind me for a while. I think he is right. And I will try. Besides, I have to see all my other doctors that I've been neglecting. Saw my eye doctor this morning and got my glasses prescription fixed (too strong). Then I'll need to see the dentist ... ugh! Then the "lady doctor" tee hee! Then dermatologist because I live in the sunshine state. I can only take one doctor at a time though.

Last Sunday I made the Lazy Day Casserole. Let me just say that awesome would be a good way to describe this recipe. I modified it a bit, using Uncle John's Pride, Country Smoked Sausage. I also didn't add the fennel bulb, as my store didn't have any. Served it over some wide egg noodles. It was goooooood! And very easy. I like easy.