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Sep 17, 2014

Inkle done

Fresh off the loom this morning. I like to let my weaving rest for a day before I start finishing. Let me rest too.

Saw my doctor Monday for my 6 week post CK treatment. He said I was doing good and that I will get an MRI at 6 months to see how things are going in the old insane mem"brain". He also told me that he wants me to now put this behind me for a while. I think he is right. And I will try. Besides, I have to see all my other doctors that I've been neglecting. Saw my eye doctor this morning and got my glasses prescription fixed (too strong). Then I'll need to see the dentist ... ugh! Then the "lady doctor" tee hee! Then dermatologist because I live in the sunshine state. I can only take one doctor at a time though.

Last Sunday I made the Lazy Day Casserole. Let me just say that awesome would be a good way to describe this recipe. I modified it a bit, using Uncle John's Pride, Country Smoked Sausage. I also didn't add the fennel bulb, as my store didn't have any. Served it over some wide egg noodles. It was goooooood! And very easy. I like easy.

Aug 13, 2014

Light at the end of the tunnel

I finally feel like I'm coming back to the land of the living. Was able to work a half day yesterday and am going for a full day today. I will have to pace myself and rest when I feel I need to. Most AN patients say this and I believe it. I have added a page to talk about my Cyberknife experience for anyone who is thinking of doing this. So many people on the AN website have been so helpful. I would like to give back.

I should probably say that I've changed my URL (didn't know I could) to just in case any of you dear readers have me bookmarked. And speaking of internet techie stuff...Jerry got a Google Chromebook and so far it is pretty nifty. Blogging is much nicer since I can now take my time and write instead of trying to hurry through my posts during my lunch break at work. My only complaint is that Chromebook seems to have a hard time working in certain parts of the house, like the loom room where I like to sit and do my thinking. You have to be in the living room where the modem lives to get any kind of speed.

During my convalescence, I did quite a bit of reading. One of the books I got interested in is The Knitter's Life List by Steege. There are lists of what you could or should try as a knitter, some techniques, knitting history, info on fiber festivals. It's an all around interesting book for needle clickers.

I also had time to catch up on some old Handwoven magazines. Found an interesting article in the May/June 2013 issue about Anni Albers and the Bauhaus weavers.

The article was saying that the Bauhaus weaving was attempting to stay "true to the vertical and horizontal nature of weaving" and was heavily influenced by the industrial landscape of the 1920's. This got me thinking about the bar and chain inkle I'm working on and much of plain weave inkle, which can have a Bauhaus "bent" to it. So this all excited my curiosity in reading more about Bauhaus textiles and Anni Albers. Grabbed a copy of her Selected Writings on Design.

I also had time to finally finish knitting this bear for the Mother Bear Project.  He's only been on the needles for like a year. My daughter said that the child this was supposed to go to has probably graduated from college by now. Wise guy.

I'll embroider a face on him and use all the long tails to sew up the sides. Then I'll make him a sparklie necklace with some bling type yarn and voila! Ze bear... she iz fini!

Aug 7, 2014

Postie toastie

Sorry, this will be a brief post this week. I am post Cyberknife and it has been a rough time for me. I am not feeling well and having a lot of fatigue. Hopefully I will feel like myself next week. Trying not to be discouraged. Luckily I have my needles and spindles to keep me calm.

Jul 29, 2014

Pelted by gamma rays

Tomorrow begins my Cyberknife treatment for acoustic neuroma. I may come out looking like The Hulk (only the Jack Kirby rendition will do) but probably not. Pretty sure I'll just be my same old self. Well, mostly.

I'm looking at the computer screen and not really knowing what to say about all this. I have been in watch and wait for 5 years and frankly, it has been 5 years of fear and worry and I am tired of it. I am ready to have this treatment and then I would like to just put it behind me for a while. But realistically, symptoms will never really let me put it behind me 100%. But, as Duran Duran said, I will find my way to the ordinary world somehow. 

potting shed

We took a little trip to the parsonage this weekend. This was a good trip for me. I ended up feeling more focused on a few things.

white ginger

I realized that I have been really quiet the past few weeks. Jerry may disagree, but even he would have to admit that I am not my usual motor mouth self. Then I started to realize that I've been too "in my own head" lately. Too focused on myself and that's never good. But it is hard not to be sometimes, especially if there are health issues.

yellow ginger

Some of the local artists, craftsmen and creatives in Crescent City are trying to organize an arts and cultural guild. We met with Marcia, who is among the core people working on the nonprofit planning, and talked about various plans. The organization will be called the Multicultural Arts Guild Inc. and at this point I am waiting to receive information and a logo so that I can create a Facebook and Twitter account.

It sounds very promising. The plan is to be all inclusive culturally and artistically. And we discussed maybe partnering with the schools, which would be very cool.

After our meeting we took a walk up the street to The Curiosity Shop  which is a nifty antique store. I found this little fellow... isn't he awesome? There was so much cool stuff there. I got to talking to the owner who just so happens to be on the mailing list for the evolving art guild and works in stained glass and mosaics. We had a nice chat.

storm clouds over Lake Stella

All this and seeing Che and my grandpets helped me focus on other people for a while and my spirits were lifted.

My spirits were also lifted by some spinning and weaving. I finally got around to plying some of this churro that I had spun up a long time ago. The churro makes a very course yarn good for rugs and maybe tapestry.

And a little weaving...

I will do my best to be brave this week. I will look forward to good things in the future. I will put myself in God's hands.

My new theme song:

Jul 23, 2014

July endings

July has been an odd month. Both of the girls moving up to N Florida, have been for my preliminary MRI and CT scan / mask fitting, got a flu sort of virus, then my tooth started acting strange and achy, and I start my treatments officially on Wed. the 30th. I will not be sorry to see this month off on it's merry way. Honestly, I have been fighting off depression and sometimes I feel I am losing the battle. But I am getting much prayers and moral support from friends and family and I am very grateful for that. I will get through all this. I'm thinking of adding a page to this blog describing my experience with Cyberknife for other acoustic neuroma patients. I have had a lot of support and good advice from others and I would like to give back. So I will do that once I am a "postie  toastie" as they call them on the AN discussion board.

I haven't been doing much in the studio. Have been drawing and working with the Prismacolor pencils. I love them! They are so smooth and easy to work with. Drawing is very soothing for me and I have been clinging to my sketch pad this month a lot. My security blanket. 

I finished embroidering these little guys. Remember them? I thought they would look good on a pillow.