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Apr 25, 2016

We're back

Welcome to the world Clara Rey. She is our second grandchild. I am truly loving being grandma.

This is a picture from back in the day of Clara's mama sitting on my lap. 

And Clara's mama as big sister. I have had the privilege of having these two girls in my life, and now their children. I am thankful to them both for giving me the chance to be a grandmother. 

Grandparent love is wonderful but different. It's not the same heart breaking love you feel for your own. With grandparenting, you get to look into the eyes of your grandchild and slow things down. There aren't doctor appointments to keep and homework assignments and parenting deadlines. Just being with this little person who shares your blood.   

I had intended to get at least a little work done this week, but holding my granddaughter was more important. Being, not doing. 

Apr 15, 2016


I have started working on my Bathtime Madonna. I love the purple and gold against the red. I've been wondering why my work is tending toward babies and baths. I haven't really planned a series, but it is coming out that way. Maybe it is because both of my girls are having babies right now. New granny... part of a new role in life. 

I think too that I've been contemplating this theme for a while. Not too long ago my mother's back went out and I had to help her get in and out of the shower and help her to dry off. She felt so much better after her shower. Such a small thing that I think we take for granted. The act of bathing someone who can't bathe themselves such as a baby or an elderly parent, is a very age-old sign of love and caring. Very fundamental and human. A ritual purification that purifies the caregivers soul. This photo by Smith has always stayed with me since the first time I saw it. The love and sadness in Tomoko's mother's face is heart breaking. 

Feb 19, 2016

To face or not to face

I finally resolved the dilemma of whether or not to give my Madonna a face. I really struggled with this for a while in my mind. Finally I decided yes. She should have a face. 

Meanwhile ... this little face makes me smile everyday