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Jul 23, 2014

July endings

July has been an odd month. Both of the girls moving up to N Florida, have been for my preliminary MRI and CT scan / mask fitting, got a flu sort of virus, then my tooth started acting strange and achy, and I start my treatments officially on Wed. the 30th. I will not be sorry to see this month off on it's merry way. Honestly, I have been fighting off depression and sometimes I feel I am losing the battle. But I am getting much prayers and moral support from friends and family and I am very grateful for that. I will get through all this. I'm thinking of adding a page to this blog describing my experience with Cyberknife for other acoustic neuroma patients. I have had a lot of support and good advice from others and I would like to give back. So I will do that once I am a "postie  toastie" as they call them on the AN discussion board.

I haven't been doing much in the studio. Have been drawing and working with the Prismacolor pencils. I love them! They are so smooth and easy to work with. Drawing is very soothing for me and I have been clinging to my sketch pad this month a lot. My security blanket. 

I finished embroidering these little guys. Remember them? I thought they would look good on a pillow.

Nov 20, 2013

Feeling blocked

... artist block that is.

Or so I thought. But while looking through a book I got from the library about architecture in Miami, I found a picture of flamingos at Hialeah Park, and I was once again inspired by these pink beauties.
I've only just begun the background painting, so nothing to show yet.

Also, finished inking these tres amigos. I drew them on mixed media paper and I'm just not sure I trust this paper to withstand water media (even though it is supposed to). So I think I will paint them and collage them onto a sturdier watercolor paper.

In art class this week, we once again revisited primary colors. We saw how to make secondary colors by mixing the colors on the paper rather than on a palette.

Folding a piece of paper in half, we drew a half butterfly shape and cut that out. We then opened the butterfly and added blue, yellow and red to the paper, folded it over again, and observed how the colors mixed to make the secondary colors.

After sticking to the lesson plan, I let them get creative with it:

Then of course there's always the kid who takes this to the extreme:
Ladies and gentlemen... the planaria worm