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Apr 8, 2016

No gold

I love spring time at the parsonage. Because unlike SoFLo, there actually is a spring time. 

I didn't get a chance to work on Miss Ivy while there because I was too busy gardening. But when we got back I had worked on her chair. I had put a gold color for the chair upholstery (the one next to the spool), which just seemed to drain the color out of everything else. I was not lovin' it. I do love how you can just peel pieces off if you don't like them when you've used the Therm O Web Heat N Bond lite. 

I had it in my head to do a purple background for the wall paper and some sort of floor. Now I'm thinking I'd like to keep the piece primarily white, red and black, though I did put a small splash of purple in the chair, which is still "red" of a sort. So more experimentation. 

Apr 1, 2016


The 12x12, River Bath is finished. I am going to send it off to SAQA, as soon as I fill out the online form and pay my dues for 2016. Oops. This was the first small quilt I've ever done. Wish they all sewed up this fast. 

I have also been experimenting with layering and colors. The little square on the right was done very randomly like a free association session. Freud would be proud. With the one on the left, I put a little bit more thought and planning into it, (but not much) and was happier with the results. I like the way the little bits or orange and gray seem to melt into the turquoise dots. Not planned. Duchamp would be proud. 

We are thankfully heading up to the parsonage this weekend for 3 lovely days. Catfish festival on Saturday. See the kids on Monday. And hopefully putt around in the little boat on Sunday. Miss Ivy is coming with me again. I have possible plans for her. 

Mar 22, 2016


 I'm attempting to put a piece together for the SAQA 12x12 benefit auction.
It's a water piece so lots of blues. I thought I'd play around with fabric weaving to get a more "stressed" sort of fabric feel. And hopefully a bit more random. I did the whole 12x12 background in weave and wasn't happy with it. It wasn't random enough. I'm not even sure what I mean by that either. Just something I felt. So I'm playing around with it. I'm calling the piece River Bath

We went home this weekend to see the kids and baby and just get our heads clear in general. I brought Miss Ivy along to have something to work on. And thanks to these gloves I bought at Joann's, I can hand sew again. Why didn't I think of this sooner?

I don't know if it's because of the time change or what, but I've been noticing shadows a lot lately.

The light plays on things at home that make you stop and notice. Make you feel homesick for things you can't even name. 

Well, I can name this little person that I'm always homesick for. Prince Booboo has shadows dancing across his face. Perfect peace.


Mar 3, 2016

Boababs and finish lines

I am finally beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel with Many Moons. Doing wonky stars with free motion quilting for the pattern. When next I post about this quilt, it will be completed which should be by the end of next week. 

Driving home the other day, I saw the sun setting behind this big wonderful Boabab tree that I pass almost everyday, and thought I would share. I'm not sure how it got where it is, which is sandwiched in between the traffic of US 1, the railroad tracks and the Fort Lauderdale airport. Wedged into this noisy, bad smelling place. It doesn't belong here. I know how it feels. I wish I could rescue it but I can't even rescue myself right now from this noisy, bad smelling place.  

Feb 19, 2016

To face or not to face

I finally resolved the dilemma of whether or not to give my Madonna a face. I really struggled with this for a while in my mind. Finally I decided yes. She should have a face. 

Meanwhile ... this little face makes me smile everyday

Feb 27, 2013

Art quilts and egrets

I was invited to be in a show this March; Nature: see it while you can and was asked to do a few pieces. So thinking about this, I immediately knew I wanted to do a quilt. Remember, I'm not a quilter or seamstress. But I had to do a quilt. I think quilts are one of the most soul felt ways a woman can communicate. And I think women have been trying to get their point across with quilts for hundreds of years. So I needed inspiration...hmmmm.... bulletin boards. Remember this guy? He is part of a bulletin board I did at work. I love egrets and especially how their white feathers contrast against dark skies. One of my favorite sites is to see a flock of these beautiful white birds against a dark stormy sky. So egret it was.

I wanted to combine my love of paper with sewing and bring them together somehow. Last week I experimented with tissue and rice paper on muslin cloth. You adhere paper to cloth with diluted matt medium. Then I did a little test sewing and it worked.

So I went for it. I mixed a little acrylic paint with the matt medium; priming the cloth and began to attach my papers to the quilt top with matt medium (undiluted).

Here's a close up of the fish. I have a gar and little sunfish.

And here is the finished quilt. The quilt top is 22x40". The egret is rice paper. I sewed the top to an upcycled quilt back. I didn't have time to do any actual quilting in the piece, but when I get it back I will add a bit to the sky. I feel way more confident with this now and my little sewing machine did great. I kept a quilt that my Aunt Mary made me right by my side the whole time and channeled her through the whole sewing process. She was a natural born seamstress and so I dedicate this quilt to her.