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Sep 3, 2014

Will knit for chocolate

We have been here in N. FL at the parsonage for the past week and heading into a second week here. The weather has been very nice. June and July were definitely the hottest months. It's been warm and dry, in the 80's, in the mornings, hot in the afternoon, and mild evenings. Of course anyone from up north would just think it was hot. But when you've lived in the subtropical mire that is S. FL, you can tell the difference. I'm sitting in the yard now watching a pileated woodpecker inspect a knot hole in the giant oak next door. Pretty close to Heaven for me. And this has been a rough summer, so I'm happy to be home just watching the birds. And now a sandhill crane has just wandered into the yard and is looking at me. Totally unmoved by my presence. The same can't be said for me, however. He is beautiful and very tall.

I had a fun, chocolate filled lesson in sock knitting from my knitting guru Cindy of DelightedHands. I now understand why there is such a cult following for sock knitting. It is very challenging and three dimensional. Cindy taught me Judy's magic cast on  for knitting socks toe up on circular needles. I'm using Patons Kroy Socks FX in Clover Colors on size US 2, 32" circular needles, which Cindy gave me to use as well as a sweater knitting CD, homemade soap, the best brownies you've ever had and M&M's. Well, we needed the M&M's to help us count rows and stitches. No really...

See the little toe emerging? I was reading in my copy of Vogue Knitting that socks are probably the earliest application of knitting, dating back to 1200 AD in Egypt. 

And the fiber fun didn't stop there. Bridget came over from Jax and hung out with us for the day. She brought the crochet blanket she is working on and we hung out knitting, catching up and watching TV. It was a mellow afternoon. 

The other creative offspring surprised us with this cool little fire pit that she made. Good job Che!

Jul 29, 2014

Pelted by gamma rays

Tomorrow begins my Cyberknife treatment for acoustic neuroma. I may come out looking like The Hulk (only the Jack Kirby rendition will do) but probably not. Pretty sure I'll just be my same old self. Well, mostly.

I'm looking at the computer screen and not really knowing what to say about all this. I have been in watch and wait for 5 years and frankly, it has been 5 years of fear and worry and I am tired of it. I am ready to have this treatment and then I would like to just put it behind me for a while. But realistically, symptoms will never really let me put it behind me 100%. But, as Duran Duran said, I will find my way to the ordinary world somehow. 

potting shed

We took a little trip to the parsonage this weekend. This was a good trip for me. I ended up feeling more focused on a few things.

white ginger

I realized that I have been really quiet the past few weeks. Jerry may disagree, but even he would have to admit that I am not my usual motor mouth self. Then I started to realize that I've been too "in my own head" lately. Too focused on myself and that's never good. But it is hard not to be sometimes, especially if there are health issues.

yellow ginger

Some of the local artists, craftsmen and creatives in Crescent City are trying to organize an arts and cultural guild. We met with Marcia, who is among the core people working on the nonprofit planning, and talked about various plans. The organization will be called the Multicultural Arts Guild Inc. and at this point I am waiting to receive information and a logo so that I can create a Facebook and Twitter account.

It sounds very promising. The plan is to be all inclusive culturally and artistically. And we discussed maybe partnering with the schools, which would be very cool.

After our meeting we took a walk up the street to The Curiosity Shop  which is a nifty antique store. I found this little fellow... isn't he awesome? There was so much cool stuff there. I got to talking to the owner who just so happens to be on the mailing list for the evolving art guild and works in stained glass and mosaics. We had a nice chat.

storm clouds over Lake Stella

All this and seeing Che and my grandpets helped me focus on other people for a while and my spirits were lifted.

My spirits were also lifted by some spinning and weaving. I finally got around to plying some of this churro that I had spun up a long time ago. The churro makes a very course yarn good for rugs and maybe tapestry.

And a little weaving...

I will do my best to be brave this week. I will look forward to good things in the future. I will put myself in God's hands.

My new theme song:

Jul 9, 2014

4th of July weekend

We went up to the parsonage for the weekend. I found myself wandering around the yard, and realized I didn't know half the names of the plants growing there. Luckily Cindy and Bill Minota stopped by for lunch and took us on a plant tour. Plants and a lot of other helpful hints... thank you both! Above is the pagoda plant. They grow pretty wild in the yard and I really like their gorgeous red flowers.

We have two stag horn ferns in the yard, both very large. They will need to be covered up for sure in the winter. 

Our ceramic chicken family. Maybe someday they will be replaced with real chickens!


White spider lily

Cone flower

I really loved these flowers. They bloomed from the bog plant that lives in a big pot by the deck. Had no idea that these plants bloomed!

When we got back to Hollywood, I wandered around that back yard as well... roses!

Finished the latest painting... Free avocados from the neighbor's yard

This may be my last post for a while. I will be having Cyberknife treatment next week and will probably be too tired to post. If you pray, please remember me in your prayers next week. Thank you :)

May 20, 2014

Closing Time

We returned from closing on the parsonage in Crescent City last night and I still feel like I'm coming out of a dream. It was a strange and emotional 4 days.

When we got to C. City, the weather had turned bad and there were tornado warnings. That's a good sign, right?

Storm clouds over Lake Stella

We got to the house to do the walk through and the owner and Realtor  were there. They showed us around the yard first and then the house, giving much detail on both. This was super helpful as there seemed to be a lot to know.  The owner had suffered a tragedy four years ago which I won't go into for the sake of privacy. I think that her selling the house with everything in it is a way for her to try to move on which she seems to be having a very hard time doing.

After the closing I was exhausted, physically and mentally. We went back to the parsonage and I had a good cry. Then Jerry took me to Musselwhite's in Palatka and I had a gorgeous steak dinner! Feeling much better.

Day 2 we went to the insurance place and Kmart in Palatka for some odds and ends. I was still exhausted from the day before and my balance was lousy. We took a little walk at Dunne's Creek park, stopped at Winn Dixie and got a rack of spare ribs that the C. City soccer team had going in the smoker out front to raise money for the kids... yum... We had dinner on the front porch and watched the sun set over Lake Stella.

Day 3 the girls came up with Minnie. I really needed them too. Up to this point I felt like I was in someone else's house and essentially I was. The owner left everything... like down to shampoo and silverware. And being as I felt like I was in a B&B, I was doing nothing to change this. I was still in the, "OMG she left her grandmothers handsewn quilt behind!" stage. So the girls started getting things together and got us moving. My sister and her husband came up too and stayed a few hours. We headed back up to Winn Dixie for more of those smoked BBQ ribs for everyone. After my sister went back down to Cocoa Beach, we all took Minnie for a walk to see the bald eagle nest down the street... yeah, right down the street. It was dusk and from over head came a big hoot... a big old barred owl right over head just like this one! He was eyeing Minnie I think.

And in the field across the street from our house, fireflies. I haven't seen fireflies since I was a little girl and used to collect them in a jar.

Jerry and Minnie by Lake Stella

Day 4 the girls went exploring as this will be Che's home in a couple of weeks. We got to babysit Minnie. Took her for a long walk to the park to wear her out. Fat chance. She's a fun girl though but a handful. She is a Plott hound mix and at 10 months already weighs 57 lbs. Minnie is a pound rescue and we all love her already.

We all hung around till about 4:30 and headed back to Hollywood. This has been just a wonderful 4 days and I feel so incredibly blessed. The next couple of weeks will be rough. Waiting for the doctors to review my case and see what is to be done with the brain booger. But the memory of fireflies will sustain me.

May 10, 2014

Staycay over

We took a week off and just hung out around here. We were waiting to be called to go to closing on the Crescent City house, and hoping it would happen during the week off, but of course that would have been too easy. Anyway, we close on the 15th of May, so we'll just need to take a couple more days off gosh darnit!

While hanging around the house like a couple of slugs, we did manage to go to Big Cypress Loop Road and do some site seeing (but mostly me running away from blow flys and giant hornets). There were quite a few of these guys about

We also went to one of my favorite places in S FL, Fairchild Tropical Gardens. It is a gorgeous place and they now have a wonderful butterfly and hummingbird house

Not sure if you can see his sweet little tiny-ness. Little miracles with wings

And look at this handsome fellow! We've never seen a multicolored lizard like this guy... he looks like a little dinosaur

I am still working on the Jacaranda quilt. But I've also been playing with the new Derwent Inktense pencils and I love them! This is acrylic with some pencil work.

If you wet the fabric beforehand, the pencil glides on ... just like butta!

Apr 15, 2014

New developments

Things are moving along here in Lala Land. I have been very busy with life stuff though and this morning woke up with an unhappy neck, so here we go in reverse again. But I did manage to make this little cloth. This is a nice way to stamp fabric. I used a bit of Fabulous Foam Sheet and drew a pattern into it with a pencil, pressing down hard.

One of the two big life things taking up my mental and physical time is the acoustic neuroma. It has grown slightly again so my days of watch and wait are over, I'm afraid. I am going to the Univ. of Miami to discuss radiosurgery options with Dr. Eshragi. Their radiosurgery team is one of the best in the country, so I am very grateful for that.

Remember this?

This is the other big life thing. And for a change, it is something fun and I'm so excited! We made an offer on this house in Crescent City, Florida and we are now waiting for the closing date. It is our retirement home and, though that is in the future still a bit, this house just couldn't be passed up.

This will be our future view from the front porch

We should be able to make it up there at least once a month and holidays / vacations. North FL is home for me. So I am really happy about this. The house was the Methodist minister's parsonage, so that's what I call it.

Can we say "studio"?