Feb 27, 2013

Art quilts and egrets

I was invited to be in a show this March; Nature: see it while you can and was asked to do a few pieces. So thinking about this, I immediately knew I wanted to do a quilt. Remember, I'm not a quilter or seamstress. But I had to do a quilt. I think quilts are one of the most soul felt ways a woman can communicate. And I think women have been trying to get their point across with quilts for hundreds of years. So I needed inspiration...hmmmm.... bulletin boards. Remember this guy? He is part of a bulletin board I did at work. I love egrets and especially how their white feathers contrast against dark skies. One of my favorite sites is to see a flock of these beautiful white birds against a dark stormy sky. So egret it was.

I wanted to combine my love of paper with sewing and bring them together somehow. Last week I experimented with tissue and rice paper on muslin cloth. You adhere paper to cloth with diluted matt medium. Then I did a little test sewing and it worked.

So I went for it. I mixed a little acrylic paint with the matt medium; priming the cloth and began to attach my papers to the quilt top with matt medium (undiluted).

Here's a close up of the fish. I have a gar and little sunfish.

And here is the finished quilt. The quilt top is 22x40". The egret is rice paper. I sewed the top to an upcycled quilt back. I didn't have time to do any actual quilting in the piece, but when I get it back I will add a bit to the sky. I feel way more confident with this now and my little sewing machine did great. I kept a quilt that my Aunt Mary made me right by my side the whole time and channeled her through the whole sewing process. She was a natural born seamstress and so I dedicate this quilt to her.